RegimA is a unique range of skin treatment products. We keep abreast of the worldwide advances in skin technology, upgrading our products as the medical profession demands and as advancement in technology allows. We select the very finest ingredients from Europe and combine these with some of the world's most powerful medicinal plants, which are fortunately indigenous to Southern Africa.


We are all aware of the power of natural ingredients; one only has to consider some of the most powerful drugs in the world to know what one can achieve. However, what makes RegimA stand out fror tre crowd is the percentages of the ingredients we incorporate into our formulations. Most over :401 the counter products have a minimal amount of active ingredient and can Therefore freely be sold to the general public without precaution. Due to the potency of our products we produce a range for medical practitioners and skin care professionals. RegimA is NOT an 'over-the-counter' product.


It is essential when using RegimA in-salon treatments that one stocks RegimA home care products. The RegimA New Age 'Peel & Heal' treatment must not be applied to any patient/client who will not be using the RegimA home care. The RegimA products must not be mixed with other skin care ranges. This is a RegimA rule which is crucial if one is going to achieve 100% benefit from RegimA Skin Treatments as well as ensuring patient/client safety.


We strive for excellence of product, competitiveness of price and unparalleled service. Your RegimA representative will assist you with regards product information and orders.


Welcome to the RegimA Skin Treatment experience. You owe it to your clients!



What is RegimA?


Potency, Perfection, Simplicity, Cost-Efficiency, and Safety
Working synergistically with the aim of skin treatment and preservation.


RegimA is the most advanced, medically accepted, skin care programme created to attack the ageing free radicals and toxins associated with modern living. These elements are responsible for most of the skin's visible signs of ageing, including loss of skin tone and wrinkles. Without the help of RegimA's technology these toxins will surely cause premature ageing. Years of scientific research have culminated in this ultimate regime, which is simplicity itself.


RegimA is a unique skin rejuvenation and treatment range manufactured for the use of doctors and skin care professionals. Extensive use of the very finest potent natural ingredients from Europe, South Africa and other tropical regions and indigenous wound healing, skin repairing plants, ensures RegimA's status as a skin treatment leader in the world market. We are not just talking 'normal' cosmetics which may feel nice, smell nice and keep the skin hydrated that is just moisturizing outer dead skin.


To really rejuvenate one has to remove that outer layer which shows all signs of ageing, revealing a much fresher and more youthful skin. Safely, gently and naturally RegimA helps restore the skin's youthful appearance, improving colour, tone and texture, smoothing away fine lines and uneven skin colour, bringing back that glow of a good, healthy skin, irrespective of age.

Why choose RegimA?


  • Full Facial and Body Rejuvenation range
  • Specialized treatments - For use by Doctors, Specialist trained Skin Care professionals Pigmentation, Wrinkles: Acne, Acne Scarring, Scars, Burns
  • Provides Post Peel Treatment
  • Provides Post Skin Resurfacing Laser or Hair Removal Laser Treatment
  • Ultimate Simplicity within the Home Care Range
  • Suitable for All skin types, ages, colour
  • Manufactured for doctors pre and post surgery - ensuring efficacy and patient safety
  • Powerful Natural ingredients providing potency without side effects (No Hydroquinone used in our pigmentation treatment)
  • Laboratory produced by internationally trained cosmetic chemists
  • Continued International research - Keeping ahead
  • Cost efficiency - Providing the most potent internationally renowned product at affordable prices - Cutting out the middle men
  • NO animal products used and NOT tested on animals
  • NO added synthetic colours or fragrances - only of natural origin Internationally available
  • Back-up patient/client service
  • Informative website - contact our team of experts
  • HIGHEST amount of NATURAL ingredients - Achieving ULTIMATE results


As manufacturers of the skin treatments RegimA cuts out the 'middle men' and transfers these savings to the patient/client. One is therefore assured of our total commitment to quality and progression with the times and developing needs and also to cost efficiency. RegimA has for several years been formulated for the use of plastic surgeons and dermatologists internationally. Due to the success and demand RegimA created a professional range of skin treatments for use by Skin Care Professionals within selected salons and spas. All salons and spas stocking our professional range undergo strict, regular RegimA training.

How does ReqimA work?


Many skin problems are associated with excessive build-up of dead cells, making the skin hardened and dull. Problems are exacerbated by exposure to the sun, pollution and other environmental effects, leading to skin damage and disease. RegimA follows a rule of 'Peel & Heal" and is instrumental in restoring, rejuvenating and preserving. We do not believe in just peeling the skin, one must repair and restore at the deeper skin level. However, one always has the fear that one is going to thin the skin. The SECRET is always within the formulation and the RegimA 'Peel & Heal' cannot be compared to any other peeling product. We gently, gradually remove the outer dead layer of skin and work down to the dermis (the living layer). The formulation then stimulates collagen production. In essence RegimA 'Peel & Heal' is thickening and re-elastisizing the skin.


RegimA uses Natural, time dependent fruity acids, Lactic Acid from milk and Mak Acid from apples as these are the most skin friendly, have less irritating effects than certain other acids and achieve maximum effect. These products have a low pH (acidity) that is essential in achieving perfect skin penetration, (something pH balanced products cannot do) working gradually through the outer dead layer to the basal, living layer of skin, resulting in the stimulation of cell renewal as well as helping collagen production and re-elastisizing the skin naturally. The Natural acids do not work any deeper than the basal layer and there is definitely no long term thinning of the skin and no other long term side effects.

Who can be helped by RegimA?


  • All Skin Types: Including the most Sensitive skins
  • White, Asian or Black Skins
  • Female or Male
  • All Age Groups - Safe for even the very young
  • Rejuvenation for: Sun damaged, crepey, wrinkled skins, ageing neck, sagging breasts, creased décolleté (chest & cleavage)
  • Pigmentation: Chioasma, pigmented and uneven skin tone, dark under eye circles, 'age spots', 'sun spots', solar keratoses on face and backs of hands
  • Acne: Problem or acne form skins
  • Scars: New or Old - From Trauma, operation, acne, burns etc.
  • Laser: Essential Pre & Post Skin Resurfacing Laser Treatment
  • Pregnant: Weight gain or weight loss causing stretching or sagging of the skin
  • Cellulite: Orange peel dimply thighs, buttocks etc.
  • Anyone wishing to keep the skin in optimal condition

What type of improvement can one expect with RegimA?


  • Softening of fine lines from sun damage
  • Smoothing of deeper lines if undergoing treatments with the 'Peel & Heal'
  • Diminution of coarse lines from sun damage or age
  • Increased smoothness of skin texture
  • Normalizing of pigmentation and improvement in overall skin colour
  • Firming, toning of the skin of the face and body
  • Clearing blackheads and spots and minimizing pore size
  • Enhanced wound healing and scar maturation
  • Helps even old scarring - improves smoothness & colour of scarring
  • Helps prevent and repair stretch marks
  • Safe during pregnancy
  • More rapid healing and better end result following laser therapy
  • Increased natural skin glow and radiance
  • Skin maintenance as never before bringing back youthfulness
  • Helps eliminate and control cellulite with maintenance
  • Overall improvement in skin condition of the face and body

Are RegimA products safe?

YES. There are many powerful NATURAL ingredients with the treatment range but all are safe to use by all age groups and even during pregnancy. The only product NOT to be used by pregnant or lactating women would be the Curve Contour Cellulite Controller.


Normal symptoms that MAY be experienced initially due to the potency of the RegimA range


Certain symptoms 'MAY' be experienced during the first few weeks of treatment. However, if one does experience any of these it does not mean that one has an allergy to the product and these cannot be considered side effects. One may feel a tingling and itchiness on application of the night preparations. The intensity of this varies from person to person and some feel nothing. This tingling is due to the product having a low pH (acidity). Dryness and flakiness of the skin MAY be experienced especially in the more sensitive areas such as nostrils, corners of mouth, upper cheek bones, eyes etc. Wrinkles may initially look worse and pigmentation may look darker. This is due to the separation of the outer dead horny layer from the healthy, new inner living layer. During this initial process the skin MAY dry out. One can counteract this by using one of the RegimA products suggested for hydrating a particular skin type e.g.
Amino Actives Dry Skin Therapy, Hydration Concentrate, Quantum Elastin Dermal Regenerator, Post Laser/Post Peel Gel etc. There are many alternatives for the Skin Care Professional to use within the salon and for retail.


It should be remembered that although one MAY initially experience some irritation on using the concentrated night preparations with the low pH, one achieves much greater and more rapid cell renewal. It has been scientifically proven that photo-aged skin has produced increased amounts of mucopolysaccharides (sugars) and collagen and has had a positive effect on skin thickness without skin inflammation. Most people wish to see and feel an immediate difference and realize it is worth accepting a bit of tingling. Once the skin is in a better condition tingling and itchiness of the skin diminishes dramatically.


The skin's normal pH we are told is 5.5, although this varies from person to person. The pH of our potent night creams is 3.5 which scientifically and clinically have been proven to be the perfect pH to achieve the best skin penetrations, up to 20 times better than products with a higher pH and they are therefore at the very least 20 times more effective. This also enhances the efficacy and compatibility of the night preparations with the skin. The skin's acid mantle is also maintained to combat skin bacteria. Our time dependent acids within the night creams work on the skin from the moment of application until the moment of neutralization with RegimA cleanser e.g. if applied at 10 O'clock at night and one removes at 7 O'clock the next morning, natural exfoliation and rejuvenation has been taking place for 9 hours. When using these products it is not necessary to use face scrubs etc. The RegimA products stimulate cell turnover within the living, basal layer and diminish corneocyte adhesion in the stratum corneum (outer layer). These acids and salts attract more moisture into the skin. This is totally different from most night preparations that are formulated to hydrate and nourish the outer dead layer of skin only. The process of removing the dead skin layer can take up to 8 weeks. (However, this can be sooner if one is undergoing 'Peel & Heal treatments). Once this is achieved the skin just requires maintenance with RegimA.


There is a very high percentage of active plant and marine material within the RegimA preparations. These have the job of stimulating, nourishing and repairing.

How long should one use RegimA?


The RegimA Skin Treatment Programme can and should be used indefinitely. It is the most effective range and can be used long term safely, As one gets older the body's cell renewal process is more sluggish and so we tend to develop one problem or another. One can help eliminate these problems and maintain as perfect a skin as possible with RegimA.


Monitoring of the skin

It is advisable, especially as one gets older, or one has been suffering from a particular skin problem e.g. Pigmentation, acne etc. that the skin is checked on a regular basis the doctor or skin care professional. If one does suffer from a particular skin problem it is always advisable to take a photograph of the face prior to commencing the treatment range. This is always good for comparison later.



Pigmentation affects so many people for a variety of reasons. If the cause can be established and eliminated (e.g. Pregnancy, the Pill or dehydrating alcohol based cosmetic products stopped) then one has a chance of removing the problem. Skins prone to pigmentation must be extremely careful when considering certain treatments such as laser or certain deep peels. These can exacerbate an already distressing problem. (One must accept the advice of a doctor specializing in laser therapy, with regards laser or deep peeling of a pigmented skin).


The 'Peel & Heal' (See under specialized treatments), because of the unique formulation, has proven to be safe and effective for the treatment of pigmentation. It is necessary in certain skin types especially (olive or darker skins) to work conservatively. A series of lighter 'Peel & Heal' treatments, gradually building up the length of time the peel is left on, has been proven to be of most benefit. These peels must be used in conjunction with RegimA Home Care Essentials and MUST NOT be combined with other ranges of products that may not be compatible. Our home care incorporates the highest amount of L-Ascorbic acid, which is the rn.c3tapotent form of vitamin C. These products are of the Iighest concentration available and are perfectly stable.


Problem Skin?

The low pH (acidity) of RegimA helps to control externally the problems associated with a problem or acne form skin by destroying most skin bacteria which are the main cause of inflammation and cross infection. Many active ingredients known for their acne combating properties are used to help clear blackheads, refine the pores and have a leveling effect on acne scarring. Formulations using natural anti- inflammatory help calm reddened, inflamed, sore skins and help control breakouts e.g. Scar Repair, Quantum Elastin, Amino Actives Problem Skin Therapy, Anti-Acne Ointment, Equilibrium Problem Skin Serum etc. If one suffers from excessive oil production one may use our B-Cornplex Daily Radiance containing a seborrhoeic controller. Also formulated to help repair and nourish with the added bonus of SPF 30. Alternatively one could use the Ultramatte Daily Infusion along with the other RegimA products. It is essential to start off the day and night routine by cleansing with RegimA Cleansing Gel, clearing and tightening the pores. Plants add a Natural skin toning effect, so no extra toner is required.


Broken Capillaries - What to do and when to peel?

NOTE: These show sensitivity in that particular area and should therefore not be over-stimulated. We have found that by building up and thickening the skin in those areas the capillaries become less visible or disappear in certain cases. It is suggested that these areas are treated using either Quantum Elastin Dermal Regenerator or Scar Repair morning and night along with the home care essentials prior to 'Peel & Heal'. The 'Peel & Heal' may be applied to the rest of the skin in the interim if so desired. A vein constricting treatment may be applied to these areas also.

Skin Peels - Risks & Benefits

RegimA has been a leader regarding the ultimate potent, yet safe NATURAL 'Peel & Hear for many years. Many companies have endeavoured to try and match the efficacy of RegimA without success. It is therefore necessary to make a few points quite clear:


Alpha Hydroxy Aacids - Truth & Myth

There is a lot of information out about alpha hydroxy acids, however, much of it is misleading or simply untrue. Separating the truth from the rumours can be nearly impossible for the average person. Here are a few of the common myths surrounding alpha hydroxy acids.


Myth #1:

Alpha hydroxy acids thin the skin. Actually, it is quite the opposite. AHA's at greater bioavailability appear to have dermal affects that influence the formation of collagen. Alpha hydroxy acids, on topical application to photoaged skin, have been shown to substantially increase skin thickness. Skin biopsies revealed increased synthesis of mucopolysaccharides and collagen as well.


Myth #2:

Alpha hydroxy acids cause sun sensitivity. Used correctly in natural forms and applied at night or only during an in-salon treatment, alpha hydroxy acids do not increase sun sensitivity. Sun sensitivity occurs when skin is irritated and inflammation occurs as can happen with chemical, synthetic buffered acids. Those with very fair colouring are especially susceptible to this since their skin tends to be more sensitive. For those with more sensitive skin, use of a non-irritating AHA such as lactic acid, will help one avoid this problem.


Myth #3:

Use of Salicylic Acid or a Mechanical Scrub will produce identical exfoliation benefits. Salicylic acid works from the uppermost layer of the skin, dissolving skin layer by layer. Mechanical Scrubs work only to remove already loosened skin cells on the upper layer of skin. Alpha hydroxy acids work at the lowermost levels, of the stratum corneum. It appears that AHA's modulate new stratum corneum formation by weakening the bonds between corneocytes (a type of skin cen at the lowest levels of the stratum corneum. Thi3 activity on the formation encourages a smoother, flatter cell layout in the stratum corneum. This new distribution of cells is particularly useful for prepping skin for peels.


Myth #4:

Anti-Wrinkle benefits of AHA's are due to their exfoliating nature. While it is true that the exfoliating nature of AHA's contribute to softer skin that is more even in tone, the clinical effects of AHA's in modifying wrinkles and photoaging are due to increased skin thickness and new collagen formation.


Myth #5:

When using AHA's, the skin looks smoother because the skin is swollen from inflammation. Improvements in wrinkles are not due to inflammation or any oedema formation (excess accumulation of fluid in tissue spaces). Examination of biopsied skin specimens before and after treatment with AHA's have confirmed that skin plumpness and other beneficial effects are sustained long after discontinuation of topical treatment.


Chemical peels include NATURAL alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy peels, as these are plant chemicals and are typically used to restore a youthful, vibrant appearance to wrinkly, blotchy, sun-damaged skin. There are 3 main types of chemical face peels and each has unique benefits for the skin. Light, medium and deep. These ail, to some degree, improve acne scars, skin texture, reduce the effects of sun damage, smooth surface wrinkles, correct pigmentation problems and age spots. With most chemical peels adverse reactions are rare, but can, with deeper chemical or synthetic acids, include scarring, infection, hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. There are dramatically varying recovery times.


The secret is always within the actual formulation. Always check what the main actives are within the peeling formulation, whether it has been chemically buffered because some of these buffering agents can cause major irritation, which can result in pigmentation. Check whether it is safe to use all year round, or like many, just in the winter time.